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Currently Accepting Applications

Application Procedures
 Items Needed
$25.00 Application Fee
(Check or Money Order - NO CASH ACCEPTED)
Birth Certificates for Everyone
Social Security Cards for Everyone
Photo ID's for Everyone over 18 years of age
Copy of Divorce Decree if applicable
Name, Address, Phone and Fax # for Employers and all Income Sources,  8 Current Pay Stubs, Information for all Financial Institutions, Life Insurance Policies,
IRA's or  401K's
You will need approximately 30 to 45 minutes
to complete all the application and necessary forms. 
**Non married couples must fill out separate applications**
All Adults over 18 years of age need to be present to complete the required Sworn Income and Asset Statements.
Contact Us Today to Schedule
Your Application Appointment 
To schedule your appointment please call me at
 419-399-0520 or text
Want to Save Some Time?
Print off the Documents Below
Have them completed prior to your scheduled
appointment  to save on time.
The Criminal Backgrounds will be requested by the management office, please fill out the forms only.  HAND CARRYING OF FORMS IS NOT PERMITTED.

  1. Defiance Crossing Homes
  2. 565 Defiance Crossing
  3. Defiance, OH 43512
  4. Phone:  (419) 782-0997     Fax:  (419)-782-0997
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  6. Screening Criteria for Defiance Crossing Homes


 All applicants for housing will be screened according to the criteria set forth in the  Admission Standards.  These criteria are:

1.      Past performance in meeting financial obligations, especially rent;

2.      Bad record of residency such as destruction of property, disturbance to neighbors,  poor housekeeping habits;

3.      Involvement in criminal activities, including but not limited to felonies, in the past 60 months;

4.   Record of evictions or terminations from housing programs & private landlords;  

4.      Applicants ability and willingness to comply with the lease;

5.      An applicant’s misrepresentation of any information related to eligibility, income, household composition, previous landlords etc.; and 

6.      Applicants must be of legal age to enter a lease.  


 Criminal history reports will be investigated for each applicant household member 18 years of age or older.  Screening for criminal offenses will be subject to denial, if they are related to SEXUAL OFFENSES, DRUGS and VIOLENCE.   HUD has established standards that prohibit admission of:

  • Evicted for Drugs: Any household containing a member(s) who was evicted in the last three years from federally assisted housing for drug-related criminal activity.
  • Use of Illegal Drugs: A household in which any member is currently engaged in illegal use of drugs or for which the owner/agent has reasonable cause to believe that a member's illegal use or pattern of illegal use of a drug may interfere with the health, safety, and right to peaceful enjoyment of the property by other residents.

  • Sexual Offender: Any household member who is subject to any state sexual offender registration requirement will be denied admission.
  • Violence & Violent Crime: You or any member of your household that have a history of violence against other persons.  Or if at any time, you or any member of your household has been convicted of a crime using a weaponagainst another individual.

  • Alcoholism Behavior:  Any household member’s behavior, from alcoholism abuse that may has lead to violent or offensive behavior and/or crime that will interfere with the health, safety, and right to peaceful enjoyment by other residents.  The screening standards must be based on alcoholism behavior, not a medically diagnosed condition of alcoholism or alcohol abuse. 
  • Felony Conviction: If in the last seven years, you or any member of your household have a felony conviction for any type of crime that is less than 7 years old will be subject to denial.
  • Misdemeanor Conviction: if you or any member of your household has a misdemeanor conviction or are a habitual offender with misdemeanor convictions that relate to sexual offenses, drugs or violence, you will be subject to denial. Example but not limited to: public intoxication, disorderly conduct, menacing, soliciting prostitution, vandalism.
  • Criminal Offense against Employees & Property:  If at any time, you have committed other criminal activity that would threaten the health, safety of the owner, or any employee, contractor, subcontractor or agent of the owner who is involved in housing operations or the vandalism and destruction of property.




In accordance with HUD regulations a zero tolerance policy is in effect to prevent lifetime sex offenders from receiving federal housing assistance.  Current regulatory requirements include the screening of new applicants and existing tenants for any sexual offenses and lifetime registration of any state sex offender list. 


  • Property Management: will conduct criminal background screening with RLJ credit/criminal background screening system that retrieves data. They will confirm any sexual offense violations and enforce our policy.  Termination of tenancy will be aggressively pursued to ensure the highest level of public safety in federally assisted housing.
  • Current Tenants: At annual recertification’s all currents tenants will be required to self certify if they or any of their household members is subject to a lifetime state sex offender registration program in any state. Tenants will be informed at recertification that screenings of sexual offender registration lists will be conducted according to HUD regulations.
  • Applicants:  applicants will self certify on their application if they or any of their household members is subject to a lifetime state sex offender registration program in any state.  Any applicant and their household members who is a registered sex offender will be denied housing and their application rejected.



A credit report will be made for head of household/co-head.  The purpose of reviewing an applicant’s credit history is to determine how well applicants meet their financial obligations.  The applicant’s entire credit history is reviewed.  Please note that lack of a credit history is not considered poor credit. The following areas will be screened according to criteria:
  • Credit Screening:

Credit screening is completed by an outside company.  Rental delinquencies, utility delinquencies, bankruptcy, etc. will be taken into consideration.  If an applicant is demonstrates a poor credit history, the application will be rejected. 

  • Rental History:

All applicants must provide current and previous landlord information.  This information will be used to verify applicant’s ability to pay rent and adhere to a lease.  If an applicant has a unfavorable landlord reference or has a public record of eviction for nonpayment of rent or failure to adhere to a lease, they will be subject to denial.   If any member of the applicant household has been evicted from any property owned or managed by RLJ Management, Inc., that applicant household will be rejected.  

  • Reasonable Accommodations to Screening

Owners may consider extenuating circumstances in evaluating information obtained during the screening process to assist in determining the acceptability of an applicant for tenancy.  If the applicant is a person with disabilities, the owner must consider extenuating circumstances where this would be required as a matter of reasonable accommodation.

  • Failed to pass screening:

Any applicants who did not pass our screening criteria may appeal the rejection notice.  Applicants are advised to follow the instructions on their rejection letter to call the Property Manager to request reconsideration.  All reconsiderations will be sent to the District Manager for a determination upon review of information given by the applicant and any third party verifications obtained.

 I also encourage new applicants to review the Handbook attached below and bring any questions with you to the application appointment.
Pet Friendly
 Dogs and Cats

Effective 1/1/17
One Pet Per Household
Up to 15 lb Pet
 Deposit is One Month's Rent

Animals Must Be Spayed/Neutered
Dogs Must Be Licensed in Defiance County

All pets must be current on vaccinations
No Rodent Family Pets are permitted
(mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils or rabbits)


Except for Service Animals
Caged Birds and Aquariums up to 30 Gallons permitted
Application Documents Listed Below

9.27.17 updated appl.pdf (PDF — 870 KB)


A - floor plan is a 3 br Ranch Home

B-floor plan is for a 3 br 2 story home

C - floor plan is for a 4 br Ranch Hone

D - floor plan is for a 4 br 2 story home

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